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Eat & Drink

Eat Like a Local

Foodies, rejoice! Singapore’s Changi Airport is a treasure trove of delicious eats. You’ll find everything from authentic Chinese dishes to modern Japanese-Korean cuisine. If you’ve got kids in tow, or if you’re just a fan of cartoon cats in clothes, then grab a table at the incredibly kawaii Hello Kitty themed café at Terminal 3.

Of course, being in Singapore – a.k.a one of the best food cities in the world – we’re partial to the local snacks and dishes here. You’ll find all the greatest hits at the airport, including the world-famous Hainanese Chicken Rice. This traditional recipe features tender slices of chicken laid on top of an insanely delicious bed of “oily rice,” which is cooked in chicken stock, ginger and pandan leaves. Trust us when we say that this is a definite must-eat.

And then we have Laksa – another one of our favourite dishes. This translates into a big bowl of rice noodles swimming in an aromatic spicy soup stock tempered with rich coconut milk. The noodles are embellished with prawns and bean curd, making a dish that packs a huge punch in the flavour department.

If you’re craving something sweet, then definitely order yourself a piece of Kaya Toast. Warning: this is not for the faint hearted. This indulgent creation involves freshly toasted bread that’s generously slathered with butter and a rich layer of kaya – a sweet n’ sinful spread made from coconut milk, eggs and pandan leaves. Kaya toast is a breakfast favourite but it’s also great as an afternoon snack, especially with a cup of hot local “kopi” (coffee).

You can find the local delicacies we just mentioned at Changi Airport’s many restaurants. Even better? Some of the dishes are also available at Aerotel. That’s right – our Library, which is located right next to the reception area, offers Slow-Cooked Hainanese Chicken Rice and a list of other snacks. The best thing about this is that you can enjoy your meal, then head back to your room and jump right into bed. Score.

Health & Wellbeing

Wellness On-The-Go

The metropolitan lifestyle can be fast and chaotic, with little time to even catch your breath. If you're a jet-setter with a packed travelling schedule ahead of you, Changi Airport is the perfect place to take the tempo down a notch so you can reconnect with nature and refresh your mind as you keep your body moving.

At the airport, you can fully experience the "Garden City" vision of Singapore. You'll find pockets of lush greenery spread throughout the terminals, all of which are easily accessible via the airport's Skytrains. One of our favourite spots to unwind is at the Cactus Garden at Terminal 1 (the same terminal as Aerotel Singapore). This rooftop garden is a true oasis in the city, boasting more than 100 different types of cacti and arid plants from Asia, Africa and America. It's definitely worth checking out.

Social media mavens might want to head over to Changi's Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2, where you can snap a few selfies in front of more than 500 bright yellow sunflowers. There are several different varieties at the garden, all of which are grown in Changi Airport's very own nursery. The vibe in the daytime is completely different from night, when the space is illuminated by cool ambient lighting. Since you're at Terminal 2, you should also visit the Orchid Garden and Koi Pond. This is pretty epic. The space has more than 700 orchids of 30 different species, all arranged by shape and colour to represent the 4 elements of nature, i.e. Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Another great thing about this garden? It's all indoors so you can enjoy orchid-gazing in cool, air-conditioned comfort.

Finally, we've saved our best wellness on-the-go tip for last. Nothing says "refreshing" like a nice, relaxing swim. Aerotel Singapore is the only airport transit hotel in Asia with an outdoor swimming pool, so you should definitely jump in for a quick dip. The pool is open to all Aerotel guests, but you can also check out one of our non-guest packages, including our "Swim, Eat, Tan, Run, Repeat" package. Feel free to ask our staff for the details!

Shopping & Indulgence

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Didn't have time to pick up a souvenir? Don't worry – you can easily find a cool gift at Changi Airport. Be sure to check your watches though, because time flies when you're on a shopping spree, and you don't want to miss your flight!

First stop – Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 for Salted Egg Fish Skin. Everyone's talking about this popular Singaporean snack, which are like crispy potato chips, but even better. Buy a big bag for your loved ones, but warn them that it's insanely addictive. The queues for this snack can get really long but – trust us – it's worth the wait.

Speaking of edible souvenirs, you can also get the city's famed Pandan Cake and Kueh Lapis at every terminal at the airport. The former is a fragrant, cloud-like creation while the latter is a deliciously dense layer cake. These make great gifts that can be enjoyed during afternoon tea with friends and family. Another great sweet treat? Kaya! If you want to recreate Singapore's famed kaya toast at home, you can buy jars of this delicious spread at different terminals throughout the airport. Those feeling adventurous can even try the durian-flavoured kaya, which can be found at most souvenir shops at Changi.

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