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Abu Dhabi International Airport

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is known for its glitz and its glamour. If you happen to be passing through the Abu Dhabi International Airport, here are a few pro tips to help you live it up while you're there.

First things first, you should definitely sign up for the free Flight Updates provided by the airport. All you have to do is fill in your flight details and you'll get instant notifications on your plane's status delivered directly to your phone via email or SMS. Once you've done this, you can shop, eat and explore the airport without having to worry about keeping an ear out for any changes to your flight schedule.

For those who have a long flight ahead of them, we recommend a little pampering session at the super-sleek Lounges at Al Reem and Al Dhabi. Both are operated by Plaza Premium Lounge, and offer all the things you need for total relaxation. Comfy chairs to sink into? Check. Shower rooms to refresh between flights? Check. In-lounge entertainment in the forms of complimentary Wi-Fi access, TV, newspapers and magazines? Check to all of the above. You can also take advantage of the well-stocked bars and buffet spreads at both lounges. Everything is freshly made, including the salads, Middle Eastern specialties and Asian and Western favourites. Oh, don't forget to try the Arabic coffee!

Abu Dhabi's airport is also a great place to go on a duty free shopping spree. There's plenty to browse through, from luxury goods and local souvenirs to trinkets and cosmetics from big international brands. If you're around during the holiday season, be sure to look out for the festive decorations set up throughout the terminals and shops.


What Travellers Love About Us

Right at the Airport

We are literally in the airport, located either airside or landside which is ideal for departing, arriving and transit passengers.

Flexible Hourly Booking

A good deal is seeing your needs in hours not days. With us, you decide your check in and check out time, we accommodate!

Feels Like Home

We give you all the comforts of home right at the airport

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