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What’s Aerotel?

We are a one-of-a-kind, global airport accommodation. Across our global network, we provide you all the comforts of home, right at the airports. We’re here for you when you need a place to nap, a drink to sip, or anything else that’ll help you relax and prep for your journey ahead. That’s what an Aerotel is.

We offer flexible hourly bookings, attentive services, carefully tailored designs and all sorts of cool facilities and services. Whether you are Transiting, Arriving or Departing, we’re here to provide you with comfort and convenience, or anything else that’ll help you relax, recharge and refresh for your journey ahead.


Have a long layover before your connecting flight? Or need a place to crash after arriving on a red-eye? Transit deos not have to be a drag! Designed by travellers for travellers, Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel is specifically crafted with the goal of making your airport journey enjoyable.

We ensure quality sleep and proudly provide unparalleled connectivity, powerful shower and wellness services and facilities for travellers. All in all, we are well-equipped for you to get a homey experience or a sound rest while travelling.


Travelling can be tiring and somtimes we just need some down time to freshen up and knead away the stress. That's why we created Refreshhh by Aerotel. A space to transcend you into a state of comfort and convenience. It is our select-service airport lodging that specifically caters to travellers' needs to shower, nap, or massage (service offerings may vary by location/airport). Managed by Aerotel, we promise the high service quality and standard loved by travellers at Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel brand.


Why Choose Us?

All of us at Aerotel are travel junkies too, so we know exactly what you need when you’re jet-setting all across the globe. We offer comfort, convenience and all sorts of cool facilities and services. Here’s just a small sample of what we have to offer:

Right at the Airport

Right at the Airport

We are literally in the airport, located either airside or landside which is ideal for departing, arriving and transit passengers.

Flexible Hourly Booking

Flexible Hourly Booking

A good deal is seeing your needs in hours not days. With us, you decide your check in and check out time, we accommodate!

Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home

We give you all the comforts of home right at the airport

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