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Updated: 5 Apr 2022, 12:00 (GMT +8)

Aerotel Muscat is located within the departures (airport restricted) area of the Passenger Terminal Building, Muscat International Airport. You must be in possession of a valid boarding pass and travel document to access Aerotel Muscat.

Departing Passengers:
Guest coming from Muscat city should reconfirm with their respective airlines for check-in procedures. Advance check-in requirements differ between airlines; please verify with your airline on their advance check-in policy to ensure sufficient time is provided to check-in and enjoy our facilities.

Transiting Passengers:
Please do not leave the transit (airport restricted) area or clear arrival immigration when you arrive into Muscat; re-entry into the transit area is not permitted without an onward boarding pass. We recommend that you contact your respective airline if you require information regarding flight check-in, boarding pass and baggage handling arrangement during transit, as Aerotel Muscat will not be able to retrieve check-in luggage on your behalf.


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