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About London Heathrow Airport

London’s Heathrow Airport has all the fixtures in place for fuss-free transit. For starters, with the free terminal transfer service, you can easily explore all the great stores, restaurants and amenities at Heathrow’s 4 different terminals.

You’ll find Aerotel inside the arrivals hall in Terminal 3. Instead of worrying about how to get to the airport in the middle of the night (London’s train services stop between midnight and 5am on most days), you can head to Heathrow early and check into your comfy Aerotel room while you wait for your early morning flight. If you want to get some work done while waiting to board, you can take advantage of Aerotel’s Library Lounge, which has plenty of business essentials including comfortable chairs, tables, complimentary Wi-Fi and USB ports. 

If you’re flying out of Terminals 2, 4 or 5, you’ll find Plaza Premium Lounge in the departures area of each terminal. We have a selection of packages to suit your needs.

Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 2 Departures is located next to the terminal transfer area and is a welcoming space which everyone can access. This lounge features an enticing selection of freshly prepared food and drink as well as a Wellness Spa so you can treat yourself to a well-deserved massage before you jet off to your next destination.

Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 4 Departures, next to Gate 1A and 1B is a beautifully spacious lounge which is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the airport. If you’re an avid plane spotter, T4 also houses one of Heathrow’s best kept secrets, the View Heathrow Observation Deck, which has a 270-degree panoramic view of the southern runway as well as binoculars and flight tracking touch screens.

Terminal 5 was voted as being the World’s Best Airport Terminal due to the shopping and restaurant offering. Terminal 5 Departures is also home to the newest Plaza Premium Lounge at Heathrow Airport. Nestled in a quiet corner of the terminal, this lounge is complete with incredible views overlooking the runway, a fully tended bar, and food offering which will ensure that you don’t board your flight hungry!

Have you just flown into Heathrow and are looking for something to do whilst in transit? You can take the free train service across to T4 Arrivals. The Plaza Premium Lounge here has a fully tended bar, complete with SkySports channels for those who want to catch their favourite teams in action. There is also a buffet service serving a tempting range of healthy herbs and seeds inspired dishes for weary travellers wishing to refresh and revive.

Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 4 (Arrivals)

Not bothered to take the train? That’s okay too. Aerotel is just a short walk away from Terminal 2 Arrivals, with shops, restaurants and cafés that are worth checking out. This terminal also has a Plaza Premium Lounge if you wish to escape. You can unwind at the sleek and modern bar, or treat yourself to a well-deserved massage at the lounge’s Wellness spa. Wellness Spa at an additional cost or make use of our powerful showers to refresh with amenities provided.

Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 2 (Arrivals)

What Travellers Love About Aerotel

Right at the Airport

Our Aerotel hotels are located either on airside or landside of the airport. Please check individual hotel's page for further details.

Flexible Hourly Booking

A good deal is seeing your needs in hours not days. With us, you decide your check in and check out time, we accommodate!

Feels Like Home

We give you all the comforts of home right at the airport.

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