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Airports are divided into landside and airside areas. 

  • Airside areas are restricted and are only accessible to passengers who have checked in, cleared customs and passport control. 
  • Airside is also accessible by transit passengers who have cleared transit customs and security control. 
  • Airside guests are required to have an onward flight boarding pass. 
  • If you are staying in an Airside property please note that check in luggage cannot be brought into an Airside hotel but only cabin luggage. We advise guest to pack accordingly when staying in an Airside hotels in Aerotel Singapore, Aerotel Muscat, Aerotel Rio De Janerio and Aerotel Guangzhou. 
  • Different countries and airports have different transit procedures. If you’re transiting at an airport, check to see if you’re required to go landside to check in again before getting on your connecting flight.

  • Landside area refers to areas where the general public can access unless there is a restriction that only passengers with flight tickets can enter the airport for check in purposes. Access to landside are for passengers who have not to clear customs and passport control. 
Yes, you may, but the room is subject to availability as well as prevailing rates.
Please share the details of your lost item and we will assist you in making the necessary inquiry. Please click here.
This depends on where you’re staying. Some Aerotels are located airside and some are landside. You can check any Aerotel’s Location Map to see if it’s landside or airside. If you’re still not sure, please contact us via get in touch.

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