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Submit Group Booking requests here (5 rooms/10 people or more).
*Online bookings must be made at least 1 hour prior to your arrival.
Smoking is not allowed in any of our premises. However, our receptionist will happily direct you to the nearest smoking area if there is one at the airport you’re staying at.
Only selected Aerotels provide wheelchair friendly bathrooms and rooms. Please contact us via get in touch or email us at [email protected] at least 48 hours prior. Please note that these rooms are subject to availability.
Due to security reasons we are unable to offer luggage pick-up or storage services.
We’ve got all the essentials ready for you for a comfortable and convenient stay. These include shower amenities from bath gel, shampoo to body lotion, shower cap, towels and other items that are listed on each hotel factsheet on the Aerotel website.

For further information on the amenities for the following hotels, please email us at:
Although we are an Airport hotel we also understand the importance of having facilities that will help make your stopover and stay more comfortable. As our offerings varies in each Aerotel please visit our website for detailed information as well as where you will find a complete factsheet on each hotel. Some properties offer swimming pools and gym thus if you stay at one of these properties, remember to pack your own sportswear and gear.

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